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Talking Cards


Talking Cards is a AAC application for children who need help to start communicating. Talking Cards is available for iPad and iPhone and is a great complementary tool to other means of communication like sign language.

Talking Cards is available at the App Store.

Talking Cards have a very clear and user friendly design.

  • includes 500 illustrations with audio read by professional actors
  • Swedish and English versions
  • easy to create your own albums, pictures, texts and sounds
  • import your own pictures or take photos directly to the app with the camera in the iPad 2 or later

How to use Talking Cards:

On the main page you add your albums. Tap on Edit and select Add new album. For example you can start by adding an album to include things that your child is interested in or enjoy. Choose a TIMPIX image by choosing Choose image from library or add your own photo, and name your album. Press Done to exit Edit mode.

Tap into your new album and press Edit. Tap Add new item and select Add item from library to add TIMPIX images into your album. You can also add new cards with your own photos and sound by selecting Create new item. Press Done to exit the editing mode.

Like this you build your Talking Cards collections that your child can use for communication in choice-situations.

In Settings, you can select size of the cards and background color, enable password protection for Edit mode and multi-user mode to make separate card collections for different children.

Here is a short video on how to use Talking Cards:

We'd love to hear about your experiences of Talking Cards! Contact us if you have experiences to share, or if you have ideas for future versions of the app.


Password: Beginning with version 2.2 you can choose to password-protect the Edit mode. The password is always "edit".

Question: "I thought there were 500 images included in Talking Cards. Why do I only see a few images in the app?"

Answer: The albums and images you see when you open Talking Cards for the first time are examples of how the albums might look like. You will have to add albums and cards that you think will suit your child. Tap Edit, select Add new album or Add new item and select Choose image from library or Choose item from library. There you can access all the TIMPIX images that are included in Talking Cards.

Question: "How do I scroll between pages?"

Answer: You have to drag your finger 4-5 centimeters to scroll. We have developed Talking Cards especially for children with motor skill difficulties, and therefore we have made the scroll a little "sluggish" to prevent from accidental scrolling if you happen to slip a little with your finger when you tap a card. Many people have asked about the scroll, so we will definitely look over the scroll function before releasing the next version of Talking Cards.

Question: "Can I transfer my personal adaptation to another iPad, and how do I make a backup?"

Answer: We strongly recommend you to make a backup of your Talking Cards-alignment regularly. You can make a backup to your computer and also transfer it to another iPad. Information on how to do this are available here. Note that if you already have an adaptation on the other iPad, it will be replaced when you do this.