You can transfer your customizations in Talking Cards to another iPad, and also make a backup of it to a computer.

We strongly recommend doing backups on a regular basis!

First copy the database to your computer:

1. Connect your iPad to your computer and open iTunes
2. Click on your iPad in the ”Devices” list.
3. In the top row, choose ”Programs”, to see the apps you have installed.
4. Go down to ”File Sharing” and choose ”Talking Cards”
5. Choose the file ”redrobot.sqlite”, and save it to your computer. This is the file that contains everything you have in Talking Cards.

You now have a backup on your computer.

To transfer the file to another iPad:

1. Connect the second iPad and open iTunes.
2. Find ”File Sharing”, as above.
3. Now choose ”Add to..” and add the file ”redrobot.sqlite” from your computer to your new device.

PLEASE NOTE: When you copy the database file from your computer to a device, everything you have in Talking Cards on that device will be replaced, and can not be restored. Be very careful that you copy the right file from the right device.

Here is a screenshot from iTunes, and where to find the file ”redrobot.sqlite”: